Clinical trial recruitment is about finding the right patient population for your study. We use proven digital marketing strategies to build campaigns that recruit the right potential participants and qualify candidates so you can enroll qualified volunteers.

Let’s set goals, develop a strategy, and implement a plan that will streamline your recruitment and fill your trials faster.

Reach More Clinical Research Candidates
Convert and Qualify More Study Volunteers
Build and Nurture Your Volunteer Database
Develop a Clinical Research Recruitment Website

Develop a vision.
Set goals. Build a plan.

Recruitment Strategy

Alaniz Marketing Strategy

Workshops and Consulting

We can help you build a plan and train your team.

Alaniz Marketing Strategy

Recruitment Strategy

It starts with a strategy that delivers measurable results.

Alaniz Marketing Strategy

Single + Multi-Site Campaigns

Online programs streamline and coordinate recruiting efforts.

Alaniz Marketing Strategy

Sponsor Budget Facilitation

Get the most out of your recruitment budget.

Alaniz Marketing Strategy

Recruitment Websites

Turn your website into a powerful recruiting resource.

Alaniz Marketing Strategy

Technology + Infrastructure

All the back end and front end digital technology you need.

Fill trials with qualified candidates much faster.

Reach More Candidates

Campaign Development

Create campaigns that meet your goals with measurable results and clear ROI.

Traditional Planning + Buying

We know the traditional media channels that will reach your target audiences.

Digital Planning + Buying

Using paid search, social media, digital display, and promoted content can precisely target trial candidates.

Social Media Advertising

Social media offers increasingly effective recruitment channels.

Behavioral and Demographic Targeting

Data-driven analytics track and measure every channel and enables continuous improvement.

Full Creative + Production

Research-driven commercial creative concepts, campaign plans, and end-to-end for your campaign.

Easily collect more information from trial volunteers.

Convert and Qualify More Volunteers

Educational Content

Help prospects understand the trials goals and requirements to help them decide if it’s right for them.

Conversion Centric Design

Once candidates have self-qualified, they can easily join the recruitment process online.

Secure Form Submission

Use surveys to further qualify and rank candidates for possible enrollment.

Alaniz Qualification Engine

Use analyze survey results to generate candidate profiles and prioritize recruitment efforts.

Secure Database

Build a database with rich candidate information for use in future trials.

Pre-Qualified Candidate List

Get a head start on future trials with a list of likely participants from your database.

Find and engage more qualified volunteers.

Build and Nurture Your Database

Database Management

Use your recruitment efforts to build a valuable database of potential candidates to accelerate future trials.

Customized Messaging

Full automation capabilities, including email development, workflows, list segmentation, response scoring, and more.

Email Marketing

Grow your audience and build strong connections with volunteers past, present, and future.

Social Media Marketing

Engage your candidates and build loyal online communities around your trials.

Content Marketing

Use high-quality web copy, blogs, and premium content that will attract, qualify, and nurture potential candidates.

Lead Generation

Build  campaigns that recruit and qualify potential clinical trial volunteers online 24/7.

Create a digital brand platform that educates and turns strangers into volunteers.

Develop a Recruitment Website

Recruitment Websites

Websites are an increasingly powerful and effective tool for clinical trial recruitment and database development.

Study-Specific Microsites

Targeted mini-websites for recruitment can be effective when modifying a corporate website isn’t feasible.

Landing Pages

Use trial-specific landing pages with forms that allow volunteers to self-qualify for trials.

Patient Qualification Surveys

Online surveys can give you the information you need to find qualified candidates.

Technology Integrations

Create an online system that automates recruitment and qualification.

Hosting and Maintenance

Enterprise class website hosting with full-service support and maintenance.